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Internet Fraud

As the internet becomes more and more tightly connected with the real world, the internet fraud / cyber crime are undergoing fundamental changes. The use of our 'Bits and Bytes' of our computers, tablets and smartphones that we are using for our businesses and personal life are increasing tremendously.


The technology and applications are developing constantly and the risk for internet fraud / cyber crime are increasing worldwide tremendously. The moment that you or your business are a victum of this fraud/crime it creates directly big problems. Please contact your Insurance Company and ask for the 'Cybercrimeinsurance' policy.

Cybercrimeinsurance - Just to protect yourself against Internet Fraud / Cyber Crime!


"Worldwide Internet Fraud Insurance Domains"

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Internet Fraud / Cyber Crime Europe :

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Internet Fraud / Cyber Crime India :

Cyber Risk China

Internet Fraude / Cyber Crime China :


"Internet Fraud / Cyber Crime News"

Worldwide Cyber Crime is still increasing
These days international organised gangs use the anonynity of the World Wide Web to commit large-scale cyber crime. Till now this rising fraud crime wave has been substantial, but the international authorities / governments and the local public are only just recognising the real dangers of this this cyber crime behind their computer screens.

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Internet Fraud Insurance - Just to protect yourself against Cyber Risk!!